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VoiceObjects 12 adds revolutionary Nuvelld Queue

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

When Gustav Nuvelld, the reclusive Swedish mathematician of the early twentieth century, published his singular masterpiece “On the parameterization of collapsible Hilbert spaces” in 1912, few of his colleagues took any note. When he died just a few months later in a boat accident the details of which could never be fully explained, nobody cared; his body was never found.
Only years later, with the works of celebrated physicists like Schrödinger, Planck, and Dirac would it become apparent in hindsight how far ahead of his contemporaries Nuvelld had really been. Einstein himself was quoted as saying that “If Nuvelld had lived to see quantum mechanics, we would be a lot closer to a Grand Unified Theory!”

Explaining his profound work in layman’s terms is almost impossible, yet the most important practical application of these penetrating insights is the counter-intuitive ability to almost arbitrarily speed up waiting in line – similar in nature to the famous befuddling Banach-Tarski paradox.

Now, a hundred years after its inventor’s death, Voxeo celebrates Nuvelld’s legacy by introducing the Nuvelld Queue to VoiceObjects 12. It represents a stunning breakthrough in performance for the Infostore usage data repository and is, to the best of our knowledge, the first product implementation using Nuvelld’s principles. It comes after years of internal research and countless prototypes tested, tuned, and polished by our best engineers.

Simply stated, the Nuvelld Queue gives you virtually unlimited scalability at constant performance and throughput. Whether you run 30 ports or 30,000 – with the Nuvelld Queue, Infostore data flows in a swift steady stream. Real-time data collection becomes feasible where formerly nightly dumps dominated.

This is great news for our many major enterprise customers who run ever-increasing amounts of traffic from voice, text and web channels on our systems and rely on rapid, integrated reporting. But even if your present needs are not yet as ambitious, you can still benefit.

Interested in drinking from the fire hose? VoiceObjects 12 will be made available to select customers and partners in a pre-release version soon. Let us know if you want in on the action! To secure your place, or for questions and comments, reach out to me on Twitter at @voxeostefan!

VoiceObjects 11.1

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

First off, we’d like to take the opportunity to wish all our readers a happy, healthy, prosperous new year 2012!

And to contribute our part to a good start, we’d like to draw your attention to VoiceObjects 11.1, which is now available on both the Service Portal and the Developer Portal. Highlights include:

  • New jQuery Mobile driver
    The new jQuery Mobile driver for the mobile Web channel enables applications to use a near-native look and feel on iOS and Android devices. We’ll provide more details in a separate blog post soon.


  • Augmented Service-level configuration
    Rendering templates for the textual channels as well as libraries for dynamic Text-To-Audio (TTA) conversion can now be configured on the level of the Service object, making it easier to swap them out or to add new ones.
  • Enhanced JSON support
    The Connector object now provides built-in handling for responses in the JSON format and enables the use of the Result Mapping functionality on them. In addition, new Expression functions have been added to convert between JSON and XML. Here, too, a subsequent blog post is going to dig into more details and explore typical use cases.
  • Integration with external authentication frameworks (e.g. LDAP)
    The User object now provides additional configuration capabilities to easily connect to external authentication frameworks such as LDAP to facilitate single sign-on.

Give VoiceObjects 11.1 a try and let us know what you think!

Voxeo U Special Offer in April: Pay one VO course – get two!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011


it is springtime! Good time to visit Cologne. Here is our special offer for VoiceObjects training in our German Training Center:

Take both classes

  • VoiceObjects Installation and Administration: April 4-5
  • Infostore and VoiceObjects Analyzer: April 6-7
  • back-to-back in April, and one class will be free. Or take just one class but with two or more people, and one seat will be free.

    See you in Cologne, your

    Voxeo University team

    Elementary, my dear Watson

    Friday, September 17th, 2010

    Well, that exact quote cannot be found in the Sherlock Holmes novels from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But it is used so often that it got “common use”.
    And it fits perfect related to our latest enhancement of VoiceObjects (all versions!):
    Watson is a real elementary new tool for you and your communication with Voxeo Support regarding any VoiceObjects issue.

    What is it all about?

    Ever stumbled on “What data to send to support”?
    Then the next quote comes into account:
    It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892))
    As Voxeo Support always aims in getting better, we would like to get rid of these uncertainties.
    For you to get the best support in the shortest time possible.
    For us to avoid theorizing on your issue and getting lost in false assumptions.

    Watson will help both of us!

    Watson is a tool to collect all data of interest from your VoiceObjects instance. It will gather logs, settings, database information and some other things.
    All these information go into one archive which can then easily be uploaded to the Evolution portal when opening a ticket or when support is asking for more data.

    What is it not?

    Watson is not designed to analyze your information
    It is just the collector of information.
    Therefore “You see, but you do not observe.” (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892)) is also true.

    Analyzing your information is a task for the support team.
    Additionally, we will be very happy to help you understand the file contents for your own assessment of issues!


    Please see the knowledgebase article on Watson for a more detailed usage description.
    The nice thing about Watson is that you can use it in older versions of VoiceObjects too – just get the setup archive from the knowledgebase article and get started!

    Now some of you might think – “Hey, I have seen something similar already”. Yes, we copied ourselves. Shamelessly ;)
    Watson has been inspired by our Prophecy “Perry” tool which is located in your local Prophecy installation.
    So in case of an issue while running Prophecy Pro on your premises you might be asked to run “prophecy run perry” and Watson.

    Nice, isn’t it?
    Many thanks to Jochen Fischer for this tool!

    VoiceObjects 9.1 Early Access

    Friday, December 4th, 2009

    We’re into the holiday season, and to spread the joy we are releasing an Early Access (EA) version of VoiceObjects 9.1 – a preview of the next version of the Voxeo VoiceObjects platform, which is currently scheduled to reach GA in Q1/2010. In this post we’ll give you an overview of some of the major new functionalities that will be available, and that you can start working with today. Simply download the Early Access install from the VoiceObjects Developer Portal.

    For those of you currently using VoiceObjects 9.0, note that we also released Revision 3, which you can download from the same place.

    Database Object
    Experience in lots of customer projects has shown us that an overwhelming percentage of Connector object implementations end up connecting to a database. So we decided to go ahead and create a dedicated object for this task – the Database object. It transparently manages the connection infrastructure, including pooling, and allows you to focus on the SQL statements to extract, insert, or manipulate data.


    The Database object supports all standard databases (such as e.g. Oracle or  SQL Server) as well as any custom database you may want to use so long as it offers a JDBC driver.

    Simple Connector Mode
    A different requirement for the Connector object came from developers and new users who quickly want to build their first VoiceObjects applications. They often have existing scripts (JSP, PHP, Ruby, etc.) that they would like to re-use without the need to convert it to the XML data exchange format utilized by the Connector object. The focus here is on simplicity, ease of use, and quick results.

    So we added a “simple mode” to the HTTP Connector that performs a straight POST of the parameters defined for it and expects a single return value. This value can still be an XML structure, from which individual items may be extracted using the XPATH-based result mapping.

    Menu Object Enhancements
    Dynamic personalization is one of the particular strengths of the Voxeo VoiceObjects platform: Adjusting each call to the preferences, usage patterns, and needs of the individual caller.

    One aspect of this can be the dynamic re-ordering of items within a menu, so that e.g. the most frequently used entry (such as “Account balance” in a banking application) is at the top. VoiceObjects 9.1 provides a new option on the Menu object to easily change the ordering of Menu items using a comma-separated list of entries.
    When utilizing such dynamic re-ordering, specifically in DTMF-based applications, it is often desirable to also employ auto-numbering, i.e. to automatically assign DTMF keys to menu entries. With VoiceObjects 9.1 we have provided easier access to these assigned digits for instance to read them out within the respective menu item prompts.

    Finally, each menu item can now also fill a variable with a result value that indicates which item has been selected by the caller.

    Cache Standby
    In deployments with a large number of services, there is often the situation that a small number of these services receive the vast majority of call traffic, while many of the other services are merely using up memory most of the time. VoiceObjects 9.1 therefore now intelligently puts such services into a standby mode in which they do not consume any resources, but still remain available for calls.

    Control Center Reports
    The Infostore repository gives a lot of insight into the status of a deployed system, such as call traffic over time, traffic distribution within a cluster, or caller success rates (as measured by Business Tasks). With VoiceObjects 9.1 graphical reports for key metrics are available right from within the Desktop for Eclipse Control Center. There is also a fully embedded Infostore now in Desktop for Eclipse, so you can start using these reports without the need to set up a separate database.


    In addition to the new features described above, VoiceObjects 9.1 will also offer a number of other capabilities that are not yet included within the Early Access package:

    Infostore Extensions
    The Infostore repository provides a wealth of information on application performance and caller experience. And with each release we add more data to it to enable even more detailed reports. VoiceObjects 9.1 is no exception, and with it we provide among others

    • Aggregated Business Task information within the Call Data Record
    • Performance data on the new Database object
    • Detailed barge-in information for input states

    Utterance Validation in Textual Channels
    In voice or DTMF applications, grammars define what callers are allowed to say within a given input state. In text and web applications, there often is free-form text input which the application then needs to validate explicitly. With VoiceObjects 9.1 we make this easier by allowing developers to define a regular expression pattern that the caller input needs to conform to. VoiceObjects Server automatically checks this and triggers a No Match event when appropriate.

    To learn more about VoiceObjects 9.1, please join us for our upcoming Developer Jam Session on December 9, 2009 at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 5pm European.

    The knowlegebase needs your input!

    Monday, November 30th, 2009

    In October we opened our support knowledgebase for the public use.
    Now I can present two new functionalities to you (one of them was already pre-announced in my last post). Both will help you – these changes enable you to provide feedback to us.
    As every other company we are looking out for customer feedback to enhance our offering. So if you tell us what you think about the knowledgebase as such or about a certain article this will really help us to get better!

    You have from now on two options to do so. You can add your vote to an article (“Is the article helpful or not?”) and you can add a more detailed comment.

    Vote articles

    Below the knowledgebase article you will see the following:


    This is the place where you can tell us how you think about this article – anonymously! Just click on the thumbs-up logo if that article helped you. In case this article did not meet your requirements click on the thumbs-down (I hope you’ll never do that again, don’t you?).
    Please login into your Evolution page ( or to vote.
    You can vote multiple times on a given page, but only the most recent vote counts – in case you changed your mind.

    Comment on an article

    On the top of each article you will now see that the page has a second tab:


    Open this second tab – and you will be able to see all comments for an article. And you will be able to add your own comment too!

    To add comments to your page please choose the “add comment” link on the bottom of the comments page:


    This will open a mask where you can add a comment – with a subject and your text:


    Click “Save” to post your comment to the page.
    Your comment will end in our support team – and from there we may add a response to the comment.
    In case you think that a comment might not be appropriate – no problem, we are also standing by in case you send a mail to or open a support ticket in your Evolution account.

    We will also be happy to receive a suggestion for a new article!

    Now available: The VoiceObjects Support Knowledge Base

    Sunday, October 4th, 2009

    Some weeks ago,  I announced the availability of VoiceObjects Evolution as the new Support Portal for our customers and partners – and that developers will get support for the Developer Edition through our Voxeo Evolution Portal.

    Today we are opening our treasure chest a little bit!

    Now available: The VoiceObjects Support Knowledge Base

    You are now able to access Voxeo’s VoiceObjects Support Knowledge Base in our Evolution Portal. Just go to Documentation -> VoiceObjects Knowledgebase.

    Articles in the Knowledge Base are written by our consultants, technology specialists and our Support team. They mostly cover frequently asked questions and general challenges from support, training and customer projects. This information is likely to be very helpful for you.
    We open the Knowledge Base to share some of our knowledge and to support you with new ideas on how to approach a solution. Of course we also hope to get more of your feedback!

    All articles have been reviewed internally. But – as the Knowledge Base is intended to be more dynamic than Voxeo’s VoiceObjects documentation, it might sometimes be the case that not everything in the Knowledge Base is a perfect fit for your issue. So some of the articles will refer to the documentation to avoid having the same content twice.
    The Knowledge Base articles are not intended to replace the documentation or to give answers to all questions. They are primarily aimed at helping users in situations that are too specific to be handled in the documentation.
    Please note that from time to time we might move articles from the Knowledge Base to the documentation – and vice versa.

    Also note that some articles might describe behavior that is specific to a certain version of VoiceObjects (or other software) and thus cannot be generalized.
    In case you can’t find the information you are looking for, please visit the Developer Portal to review the entire VoiceObjects documentation, the release notes and our developer blog!

    Our Knowledge Base is updated frequently. We add new articles or remove articles which are no longer valid.
    Therefore we need your input!
    Please let us know what you think – about individual articles and the Knowledge Base system itself.

    Please provide any feedback as article rating and in the VoiceObjects Desktop / Developer Edition Forum in the Support Forums of Evolution – until the comment functionality in the knowledgebase is available!

    VoiceObjects Evolution Portal

    Thursday, July 30th, 2009

    Since the end of 2008, VoiceObjects is part of the Voxeo family and since this time we worked on extensive enhancements for our technical support for customers, partners and developers.

    While it was planned to open up the support system for our customers and partners for some time – and the old support ticketing system used at VoiceObjects already had all ingredients to show up as a support portal and knowledge base – the acquisition made this step even more urgent.
    With the necessity of integrating VoiceObjects´ Technical Support into Voxeo´s Extreme Support organization, we were facing the need of having one ticketing system for all technical support inquiries.
    The solution is Voxeo´s Evolution Portal.

    Now we are happy to introduce VoiceObjects Evolution – a support sortal for customers, partners and developers using VoiceObjects´ technology, based on Voxeo’s Evolution.
    This portal enables you to get support for your VoiceObjects related inquiries directly. It also allows the Voxeo Extreme Support team to use one system for all incoming support requests. This makes it easier for us to help you in the most effective way.

    You may be wondering: “What is it all about?”
    Well, this portal is a web based ticketing system. This means that the easiest way to get support is to log into Evolution and either open a support chat for quick questions or open a support ticket.

    Or visit one of the available forums and check if your question has already been answered. If not – why not open a new forum thread?

    Additional features are

    • You are able to see all tickets opened for your account / company – even tickets opened by your co-workers

    • Get access to the VoiceObjects documentation

    • Explore other helpful resources

    • View global tickets (announcements)

    As a VoiceObjects Customer or Partner you are able to get a personal introduction to the portal. You or your manager should already have received a mail regarding the transition to the new support portal If not, you will receive it within the next weeks.

    If you are a VoiceObjects Developer I would like to ask you to register for your individual Evolution account at This will give you the opportunity to receive support for your VoiceObjects products. Additionally it will give you the full Voxeo Evolution feature set – including the free hosted Voxeo Prophecy IVR.
    You already have an account at Voxeo? Great – Just use it to get support for all of your Voxeo products!

    And – we are not done yet.
    We are working on integrating parts of our internal knowledge base into this portal within the next months.

    Additional features for this portal are coming soon.
    Stay tuned …

    Voxeo acquisition of VoiceObjects

    Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

    As you are probably aware by now, VoiceObjects got acquired by Voxeo.

    During the past years, we have been able to create a software platform for self-service application development and analytics that is unique in the market. Many corporations world wide use VoiceObjects technology to successfully operate their phone self-services.

    As Voxeo, we are now able to provide the complete technology stack to efficiently implement and operate self-services, including IVR and speech technology. And the best of all, Voxeo’s hosting offering enables you to develop and operate phone services without the need to build up and maintain your own infrastructure.

    You are using an alternative IVR? Don’t be afraid. We will continue our strategy to provide an IVR-independent application development platform. More precisely, we will continue maintenance and will further extend our Media Platform Drivers to support all media platforms and new platform versions.

    To learn more about what this acquisition means and what is next for the software, listen to this interview with Michael Codini, co-founder and CTO of VoiceObjects, hold by Dan York, Director Emerging Communication Technology, Voxeo.

    You can download or play the podcast here:

    icon for podpress [8:36m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    Or you can watch on YouTube at: