The Voxeo CXP Developer Portal is dedicated to Voxeo’s multi-channel development technologies and products and is targeting a technical audience.

Note: With version 13, we renamed the product known as VoiceObjects to Voxeo CXP. VoiceObjects On-Demand, the hosted version of VoiceObjects, is now called CXP Hosting. Desktop for Eclipse, the Eclipse-based service creation and administration evironment for VoiceObjects, is now called CXP Developer.

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Voxeo CXP Developer 13.0

The CXP Developer (formerly VoiceObjects Desktop for Eclipse) installation delivers the latest version of Voxeo CXP with channel-specific editing, the new Widget object for input elements in the web channel, embedded custom layouts to tune web applications, and a re-designed Expression object. Find release notes and documentation here.

CXP Hosting

VoiceObjects 10.0 introduced VoiceObjects On-Demand (now CXP Hosting) which allows you to use the full CXP platform in a software-as-a-service model. The IDE client (CXP Developer) connects to Voxeo’s Evolution hosted network so you can build your applications and let Voxeo take care of the hosting.

Note: CXP Hosting currently uses either VoiceObjects Server 10.0 or 12.0. To work with CXP Hosting you need to use the corresponding version of VoiceObjects Desktop for Eclipse. To find out which version of CXP Hosting you are using, please open your application on the Evolution portal and check the version mentioned under “Platform”.

Voxeo CXP Server 13.0

The standard installation of CXP Server contains everything required for a stand-alone setup of CXP Server, including an embedded database, and can be used in combination with CXP Developer. CXP Server is available for Windows and Linux.

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